Fat container, Himba, Namibia. 

Himba cosmetic fat containers made of cow horn. Fat containers store a combination of ochre and butterfat, used to adorn the body and objects, which in this case, includes the object itself. These traditional ochre and butterfat containers are a necessary accessory for all Himba women. Women collect the gum of the omazumba shrub (Commiphora multijuga) to perfume the butterfat and the bark of the omumbara (Commiphora virgata) to grind into an aromatic powder to mix with the ochre before smearing it on their bodies. 

This is a rare double example decorated with leather and iron beads. 

Measurements containers without leather strap approximately: Height 11 cm - 4.33 inch. Diameter is 7,5 cm - 2.95 inch.