Twin figure "venavi", Ewe, Togo / Ghana.

The Ewe people, who live in southern Togo and Ghana are the eastern neighbors of Asante, make small wooden wooden dolls called "venovi" or "venavi". Like the Yoruba people in Nigeria, they carve twins figurines, for protection of survivor after death of a twin. The Ewe women used to care for them, they were fed, washed and caressed.

This is a very old and worn female twin figure with bent legs rising from a circular base, a symmetrical arranged body, long free carved arms with stylized hands, an oval head, dark brown patina, missing parts (breasts), traces of insect caused damage, signs of fine age and wear.

Literature: Elizabeth Cameroon, Isn't she a doll?

H: 18,7 cm - 7.36 inch.

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