Conus shell armlet, Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea.

This is an old conus shell armlet, or mwali. It is believed to have been used in the famous kula exchanges of the Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea. The kula ring consisted of a series of exchange partners in a circle of island groups. They traded conus shell armlets, which passed around the circle in one direction, with red shell necklaces, which were exchanged in the opposite direction.

Materials: Conus shell (Conus leopardus), fibre, nuts and glass beads.

Condition: very good - wear and use, a tiny piece is missing on the rim (see pictures).

Dimensions: widest point shell 8 cm - 3.15 inch. Height 4,3 cm - 1.69 inc.

Provenance: on the inside is a label that is written: RHG Parliament Hill.

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