Female figure, Ubangi region, D. R. Congo.

This is a tall female figure from the Ubangi River region, probably Ngbaka. Rising from strong feet and straight long legs with round thighs, supporting a cylindrical trunk of bulky form with the arms carved close to the body, both hands resting in front of the belly, sloping shoulders merging into a compact neck, crowned by a round oversized head, the coiffure arranged in grooves, scarification marks in high relief on the forehead, big almond-shaped eyes framed by big curved ears with drilled holes, a triangular nose with small drilled nostrils above a small mouth and tapering chin. There is a big hole in the back possibly for sacrificial purposes.

Light wood, dull, partly shiny blackish brown patina, slightly dam., crack in the back of the head, paint rubbed off, on wood base.

H: 41,5 cm - 16.34 inch.