Bilum bag, New Guinea Highlands.

This bag is characteristic of string bags, called bilum bags, commonly found in Papua New Guinea. These bags are used by both men and women and are made in many different sizes. The purposes for the bags range from carrying babies and belongings to catching fish. Some bags have ceremonial significance and may symbolize a person in mourning or a person who is coming of age. How a bag is constructed depends on its purpose, and different looping techniques can indicate the intended use of a bag.

This particular bilum bag is richly decorated with feathers, different type of shells and glass beads and has probably belonged to an important figure such as a great hunter, warrior or a sorcerer.

Measurements based on how the artifact lies naturally including feathers and strap. Height: 75 cm - 29.5 inch. Wide: 45 cm - 17.7 inch.

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