Standing female figure, Baule, Ivory Coast.

Elaborate coiffure and scarifications are signs of a woman's beauty in Baule culture. The extremely strong thighs should be a hint that she diligently tills her fields and that her house never lacks water and firewood.

Wood, reddish brown patina, encrusted in some areas, pigment remains. An oval face with well-balanced facial features with scarification marks and elaborate fine-grooved coiffure. The neck carved with rings. The wrists carved with armrings, with the arms carved close to the body and both hands resting on the abdomen aside the accentuated navel. Dressed with a carved apron. Slightly dam., cracks (right side of the body, base), traces of wear and use, old collection number on the base.

H: 34 cm, H: 13,4 inch.