Winnowing tray, Djuka, Maroon, Surinam.

A large winnowing tray, of hollowed round form, and deeply carves on the interior with an interlocking symmetric curvilinear motif and decorated with white, blue,red and black paint. Originating from the Djuka (Aucaners) living in Surinam rain forests.

Amongst the Maroon of Surinam these round trays are primarily used for winnowing rice, but are also used for carrying food and the presentation of ritual food offerings to the ancestors. These trays are amongst the most elaborate woodcarvings produced by the male carvers for their wives, and are highly prized by the women. A rare example!

Condition: age cracks, erosion, wear and use…..

Diameter 63 cm - 24.8 inch.. Highest point 65,5 cm - 25.7 inch.