Paddle, Djuka, Maroon, Surinam.

A wooden woman paddle incised with an interlocking symmetric curvilinear motif and decorated with white and red paint. Originating from the Djuka (Aucaners) living in Surinam rain forests.

Paddle size, shape, and decoration vary greatly according to ownership, function and region. Paddles used for large canoes were traditionally very broad, but these have become rare in the last several decades due to widespread use of outboard motors on large canoes.

Women’s paddles are often half the length of those of men, and are more elaborately decorated. The difference in size is related to the notion about proper paddling techniques. Men are supposed to paddle with long, low, smooth strokes, while women’s strokes should be short and brisk. Among the eastern Maroons, paddles are often lavishly embellished with carving and colourfully painted designs.

Condition: age cracks, min. dam., chipped, erosion, wear and use…..

Length 118 cm - 46.5 inch.