Snuff containers, Masaai, Kenya, Africa.

These are rare snuff containers that were used by the Maasai elders of Kenya for carrying snuff. Such objects were made for personal use as a container to snuff tobacco or medicines to heal headaches from high blood pressure or head colds and many other diseases. Such a snuffbox would be worn suspended as a pendant around the neck of an adult male.

The big one is made from a hollow piece of bamboo and has leather lids on both sides that can be opened at either end, attached to a long strap and adorned with colorful glass beads.

Length with strap: 40 cm - 15.75 inch. Width: 12 cm - 4.7 inch.

The small one is carved from hardwood with incised decorations and the lid is made of a plastic cap, attached to a long cord and has remains of snuff inside.

Length with strap: 55 cm - 21.65 inch. Container itself: height 6 cm - 2.36 inch.

Price for the two pieces € 175,-    Special offer€ 95,-