Akan/ Ashanti goldweights are sometimes referred to as "Tales in Bronze". The weights were made of brass, bronze and copper used to weight gold and merchandise. Based on the islamic ounce, each weight had a known measurement, this provided merchants with a secure and fair trade arrangements with one another. Most people trading in this manner owned a set of weights ranging in appearance from small geometrically patterned weights to complex figurative and representational weights.

Many of the largest museums in the USA and Europe have sizable collections of goldweights.

This is a group of 6 old, attractive and highly decorative, Akan gold measuring weights and a "two Crocodile" pendant. Made by lost wax technique, including a figurative bird, a snake, chameleon etc….

Measurements: 2 - 5,2 cm long / 0.8 - 2 inch.

Condition: used darkened patina, minor irregularities such as: wear, chips, dents, oxidation.

Price together € 550,-   Special offer: € 275,-