Penis gourds, Wissel Lakes, central highlands, Papua New Guinea.

Penis gourd or penis sheat is a conical device worn by male inhabitant of Papua New Guinea on their penis. They are held in place by a small loop of fiber attached to the base of the gourd and placed around the scrotum. There is a secondary loop placed around the chest or abdomen and attached to the main body of the gourd. Also known as koteka or horim, these penis sheats can also be a simple ornament hung from male genitalia as part of a cultural expression, for ceremonial use or pure decoration.

These are two fine Penis gourds (koteka) of long narrow tapering form, having cord for attachment around the waist. Both are collected 60 years ago by W. J. Roosdorp at the Paniai Lakes area, originally known as the Wissel Lakes, consist of the three large, freshwater lakes Paniai, Tigi, and Tage. They are located in the Paniai Regency in the central highlands of West Papua province, Indonesia.

Condition: min. dam., cracks.

Materials: gourd, rattan, rope, fur and cassowary feathers. On metal base.

These amazing pieces are measuring 67 cm and 53 cm / 26.4 and 20.9 inch.

Provenance: W.J. Roosdorp, Leiden, Netherlands. In 1952 W.J. Roosdorp (with L. D. Brongersma) collected materials and animals for the Museum of Natural History of Leiden (Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie). See label: Wissel Lakes, New Guinea, on 15 July 1952. Penis sheat (koteka) purchased by W.J. Roosdorp from native (Kepaukoe) in Enarotari.

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