Carving, Asmat, Irian Jaya / Papua New Guinea.

This is a long iron wooden stick, probably the top of a paddle. It is carved with a stylized figure over a hunted head and crowned with a bird-like head. Standing with legs slightly apart, free carved arms and decorated with incised ornamentation on the body. The nose is perforated and provided with a thin nose bone (made of wood). The Asmats' inventive but elegant sense of abstract design is exhibited beautifully in this piece.

Condition: hard wood, min. dam., cracks, traces of wear and use.

This amazing piece measures 172 cm - 67.7 inch.

Provenance: I bought this piece about 10 years ago at an antique market in The Hague. Since then it was in my private collection: Piet Lepelaar Collection.