Helmet mask, Igbo, Nigeria.

Very colorful helmet mask of a male from the Igbo people of Nigera. It's powerful in form and whitened with a thick layer of kaolin (the color of the spirit), facial features accentuated by black and red paint. Typical scarifications: parallel scarifications on the forehead, sickle-shaped scarification marks on the cheeks and round raised scarification marks at temples. Aquiline nose, almond-shaped eyes, rhomb-shaped mouth with visible teeth, little beard and human hair on coiffure. The fact that the cloth is still attached to the mask makes it particularly rare and desirable.

Light-weighted wood with white, black and red pigments, paint rubbed off, encrustation, traces of insect caused damage, cracks, fissures and missing pieces (hole on the left cheek), obvious signs of wear. The fabric is worn and tattered from use. On MDF / metal base.

Measurements approximate: Height: 50 cm - 20 inch. Width 39 cm - 15.4 inch.