Mask, Guro, Ivory Coast / Côte d'Ivoire.

This is a great anthropomorphic mask with horns "zewe" of hollowed triangular form, pierced around the rim, the open mouth beneath the naturalistic nose and crescent-shaped eyes, the whole surmounted by three dramatically arching horns; varied surface with red, white and black pigment.

In the southern Guro country, the mask "zewe"is extremely powerful and represents either the chief or the spokesman of the "je" society. In the north, however, the mask is called "fire-eater"- mask, because of it's big open snout.

Wood, polychrome paint, min. dam., traces of abrasion, paint rubbed off, evident use and age. On MDF / metal base.

H: 98 cm. 
H: 38.6 inch.

Provenance: obtained from the estate of a collector from Hilversum (Netherlands).

GVR Archives Registration No. 0021689

Literature: Barbier, Jean Paul (ed.), Art of Côte d' Ivoire, Vol II, Genf 1993, ill. 162

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