Fertility doll "ikoku", Turkana, Kenya.

A large exceptionally carved and lavishly decorated fertility doll dressed in traditional fashion, wearing a 'obolio' necklace, a leather apron decorated with glass beads, further strings of glass beads worn around the neck and waist, copperwire bracelets on the arms, surmounted by a head with simplified facial features and coiffure made from fiber.

The dolls were carved by fathers, decorated by mothers, and passed on to daughters as a way to educate them in the ways of motherhood. This education served as a way to preserve the survival of the Turkana and encourage the great role of mother within the community. The tapering leather apron is typical for unmarried young girls.

Variation in patina across the light brown dry wood, skin, glass beads, copper, fibers, loose beadwork, insect caused damage, missing parts (ear), min. dam., obvious wear and use, on MDF base.

Measurements: Height 43 cm - 16.9 inch.