Equestrian figure, Dogon, Mali.

Dogon equestrian figures are most often identified as images of the "hogon", since in Dogon society horses are a luxury generally reserved for rich and powerful people. Horses occur in Dogon beliefs about the creation of the world.

Wood, matt, slightly encrusted patina, both hands pierced, metal tags eyes, rep. (breakage left arm), small missing parts (forehead crest), fine cracks, slight traces of abrasion. On wooden base.

H: 46,5 cm / 18.3 inches.

Provenance: Loed van Bussel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Literature: Laude, Jean, Les Arts de l‘Afrique Noire, Paris, 1966, p. 197, fig. 99; Parrinder, Geoffrey, African Mythology, London 1967, p. 78

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