Face mask, Dan, Ivory Coast and Liberia.

This is a fine and authentic Dan Zakpei mask(Fire Watch Mask) with red cloth and aluminum strips to protect the eyes. It's an active and aggressive mask that serves a number of functions for the Dan people of Liberia. It’s primary role is that of a ‘firewatch’ mask that insures proper use of cooking fires by women. Accompanied by drums it confronts a woman who has been using fire carelessly or a fire much too large for its purpose. It appears in a very aggressive dance and will throw sticks and things about, knock over the cook pot with their meals into the fire and may even beat the women who set the fire to cook. In some areas it also serves as a war mask.

Wood, dull, partly encrusted blackish brown patina, min. dam., cracks, insect caused damage, wear, stain, cotton cloth, aluminum, metal nails, old nylon wire, rubber strip (inner tube), on MDF / metal base.

H. 23,5 cm / 9.3 inches. W. 17 cm / 6.7 inches.

Price: € 950,-   Special offer€ 650,-