Rice gods "bulul", Ifugao, Luzon, Philippines.

Two guardian figures (Rice God), a male and a female figure, wood, dull greyish brown patina, rising from a massive, indented base, short and strong legs supporting a flattened trapezoid upper part of the body merging into broad shoulders, flanked by free carved arms, crowned by an oval head with tribe-typical facial features, hole on top of the head, remains of reed (rice plant), cracks, glue, missing parts, signs of abrasion, insect caused damage.

The "bulul" rice gods should guarantee a good harvest. They are said to be able to increase the quantity of rice both before and after it is stored in the granary.

Height approximately: 54 and 56 cm / 21.3 and 22 inches.

Provenance: purchased in March 2010 from a Dutch lady. The statues were acquired on the spot by her parents who have traveled a lot in the Philippines. That was before her birth (1952).

Price: € 3950,-   Special offer: € 2450,-