Couple of figures "asie usu", Baule, Ivory Coast.

When a pair of figures is carved together, they depicts bush spirits, called "asie usu". Pairs like this belong to the property of a fortune teller who has to handle them with care in order to get their support. They are displayed between the fortune teller and the client during a public performance and act as intermediaries between man and bush spirits. They may intervene in a person's life to cause madness or to confer clairvoyance.

This is a fine small pair of Baule "asie usu" figures showing identical posture, simple well-balanced forms and no facial features.

Light brown wood, thick encrusted patina from offering, min. dam., cracks, signs of abrasion, insect caused damage, on wooden base.

Height without base: 14,2 cm / 5.6 inch.

Provenance: Peter Monteny, photographer, Delft, Netherlands.