Standing female figure, Malinke, Mali.

The body showing schematized forms; with short bent legs, enthroned on a stool, the high towering slender body arranged slightly asymmetrical and deferred, in whole length enclosed by long arms carved close to the body with both hands resting clamp-like on the abdomen, with pointed belly, tapering breasts and slightly sloping shoulders, a columnar neck, crowned by a narrow head, the well-balanced facial features are concentrated on a small area, surmounted by a high crested coiffure.

There are only few figures, which can be attributed to the Malinke. They show a stylistic mixture influenced by the sculptural tradition of the Bamana, Mossi and Dogon.

Heavy wood, matt - partly shiny blackish brown patina, encrusted in some areas, traces of weathering, cracks, min. dam., wear and use. H: 51 cm, H: 20 inch.