A Korwar style figure, Biak, Geelvink Bay, Irian Jaya - Papua New Guinea.

This is a large figure, depicting a standing woman, dry, light brown wood, remains of black pigments, slightly dam., right ear is missing, paint rubbed off, thin cracks. Collection number on the base.

H: 41 cm - 16.1 inches.

Provenance: Brought back from Biak by an American serviceman and sold to the Tote Em In Zoo and Museum (founded 1953 by George Tregembo), Wilmington NC - nowadays: Tregembo Animal Park.

After getting out of the Army and spending a few years running a zoo in Maine, George Tregembo, collector of animals and assorted worldly curiosities, moved to Wilmington in 1952 and soon founded the Tote Em In Zoo. He started with less than a dozen animals and a collection of spear points, shrunken heads, masks and more that he had started while serving in the South Pacific during World War II. The Tote Em In Zoo and Museum quickly became a child favorite, and remains a landmark to this day.

Purchased by the previous owner (an American photographer) directly from the Zoo, circa 1989