War shield, North-west Asmat / Papua New Guinea.

A fine asmat shield made of light mangrove wood, painted with white from crushed shells, red from river ochre, and black from charcoal, decorated with expressive decor in relief, "flying fox”, cross, shell nose ornament "bipane”, navel motifs „bokoper”, carved handle backside.

Condition: cracks, missing part (see pictures), hole (above), min. dam., weathered, traces of wear and use.

H: 103 cm - 40.6 inch. W: 41,5 cm - 16.3 inch.

Literature: Asmat Art, Dirk Smidt, Leiden 1993, p. 58.

Provenance: Purchased from a private collector. The shield was from his father who was from 1950 to 1961 in New Guinea. First in Fac Fac and later in Merauke, he gave lessons to children at school. Because of disturbances in Indonesia his parents went back to the Netherlands (fled), it was too dangerous.