Gagon Mask, Dan, Liberia and Ivory Coast

Old Dan Gagon mask carved with zoomorphic features, notably an elongated nose that resembles a beak or snout, brows by incised lines and slit eyes. This mask is a bit smaller than the ones I've seen before.

Wood, shiny brown patina, pasted fabric with remains of hair, traces of wear and use, min. damage, small missing parts. On MDF / metal base.

Originally an educational mask, but now used mostly for entertainment. The mask appeared on sunday mornings, sometimes accompanied by small orchestras.

Literature: E. Fischer and Hans Himmelheber: "The Arts of the Dan in West Africa," (Zurich, 1984) E. Fischer “Dan Forest Spirits: Masks in Dan Villages”, African Arts, II, no. 2, 1978. pp. 16-23, 94 B. C. Johnson: "Four Dan Sculptors: Continuity and Change," (San Francisco, 1986).

H: approximately 25 cm - 9.8 inch : W: 12 cm - 4.7 inch.