Head ornament, Kabyle, Algeria, North Africa.

This is an old example of a head ornament worn by Kabyle women chiefly at the time of marriage. The Kabyle are a Berber people from North Eastern Algeria. The head dress is made up of silver alloy plates linked together and is decorated with enamelled filigree and set with red stones. 

This head dress was probably made by a Muslim Kabylian silversmith for Beni Abbes and after by Benni Yenni tribes. The Berbers thought working with metal was an inferior occupation. Very rare object! 

Materials: Silver alloy plates, decorated with enamelled filigree and coral or bakelite. Note that silver alloy of tribal cultures is different than ours. Condition: old repairs with solder, slightly damaged, wear and use. For a similar piece see: Victoria & Albert Museum London -http://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O133490/head-dress/ 
H: 17 cm - 6.7 inch : W: 50 cm - 19.7 inch.